Set of 2 Face Vases (Rectangular)


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set of 2 rectangular shaped ceramic face vases in matte finish
Set of 2 Face Vases (Rectangular) 1,599.00
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  • Each Vase is Medium Size – Height 7 inches, Weight 800 gms
  • Set of 2 Premium, Rectangular, Ceramic Flower Vases
  • Minimalist & Modern-Looking Design
  • Ivory Color
  • Available in Natural Raw Finish and Satin Matte Finish

Introducing The Nordic Face Vases

Ceramic Face Vases are the latest trend in interior design. Add some unique personality and character to your home with the Glimpse Homes Ceramic Face Vases. Very Minimalist, Abstract, and Modern looking, these handmade face shape vases come in 2 different textures.

  1. A Raw texture that gives a very pleasant feeling when touched. The raw texture also gives them traditional authenticity and is our tribute to the centuries-old art of handmade ceramics.
  2. A smooth, Satin Matte texture that gives you the feeling of touching a smooth, silky cushion.

Meet The Face Vase Personas

We created the following interesting expressions for our ceramic face vases with each expression signifying a unique persona. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert personality, choose the one which suits you the most!

The Upbeat Face Vase – Cheerful & Easy-Going persona that gets along well with everyone. Also known as The Smiling Face Vase.
The Blowing Kiss Face Vase – an extremely likable, friendly, and welcoming of everyone.
The Zen Face Vase – a Relaxed and Peaceful attitude representing tranquility.
The Jaw Dropper Face Vase – a personality that has Child-like curiosity and a sense of wonder about the world.

The Upbeat and The Blowing Kiss Vase

The Oval Face Vases

These flower vases are approx. 6 inches in height which is ideal for an oval shape to resemble natural facial proportions.

Available in 2 finishes

  • Ivory, Raw
  • Ivory, Satin Matte

The Rectangular Face Vases

These flower vases are approx. 7 inches in height which is ideal for a rectangular shape to resemble natural facial proportions.

Available in 2 finishes

  • Ivory, Raw
  • Ivory, Satin Matte
The Zen and The Jaw Dropper Face Vase

Whether you prefer to call them Nordic, Boho, Bohemian, or Scandinavian style, these unique and modern ceramic vases are the perfect addition to your home decor. These face vases are multi-purpose and you can use them as Flower Vases, Plant Pots, Planters, Table Decor, or Decorative Living Room Decor. With their minimalist design, they can elevate any space, including your living room, entryway, coffee table, or farmhouse decor. These handmade vases, available in both round and rectangular shapes, showcase exquisite ceramic artistry and make for a great gift for your loved ones. Use them to display pampas grass, dried flowers, artificial flowers, or even natural flowers, and create a stunning centerpiece. You can choose to buy a single vase or a combo set (pack of 2, pack of 4) to fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The vases are sold without flowers.

Pampas Grass, Dried Flowers, Artificial flowers, and even Natural flowers, all will look good in the vases.

These vases are best suited for placement on side tables, corner tables, and console tables.

These vases are 100% handmade.

The vases come in 2 types of finishes, which are (1) Natural, Raw finish (2) Satin Matte finish

Yes, the vases can hold water inside them and they can be used as small planters.

You can handwash them with water. Please be careful when handwashing the satin matte finish, as it becomes slippery to hold.

Additional information

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Natural Raw Finish, Satin Matte Finish